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Capabilities and Project Areas

Specific, unique attributes of our Technology Group include:



  • The ability to carry out research in the area of advanced textile materials and support ongoing development programs with chemical synthesis, new product development in the areas of enhanced polymeric materials, textile surface modification and the functional modification of textile product

  • Extensive experience in the design and development of textile test equipment and in the development of laboratory tests protocols to model key performance aspects of fibers and fabrics for specific end-use applications.

  • Extensive expertise in a wide range of tests for fibers and fabrics including: frictional characteristics, surface properties, static generation, bacterial and mold resistance, abrasion & wear and fabric flexibility/hand.

  • A broad knowledge of fabric production, particularly for industrial and engineering applications.

  • The ability to support the development and production of custom engineered fibers & fabric structures from pilot scale through commercial production.

  •  Deep connections with both fiber and fabric manufactures, research universities and Institutes in the US. These sources provide access to an extensive network of fiber/fabric development capabilities, as well as a broad range of physical and analytical testing capabilities.  CTW is aware of the full range of textile related technologies that are emerging from both industrial and academic sources.


Recent Technology Developments/Project Areas:

  • Continuing work on advanced fabric development projects with both military and industrial partners. CTW is in the process of successfully completing and commercializing a Level IIE SBIR with Natick Laboratories. 

  • The development of a new class of surface functional materials designed to enhance the hydrophilic properties of nylon fibers and fabrics

  • The development of products designed to enhance the static protection of medical fabrics.

  • Research into polymeric materials to modify and control the surface properties of polymer films, fibers and fabrics.

  • The development of enhanced surfactant technology and green surfactants.

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