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Roger Crossfield

Mr. Crossfield has over 40 years’ experience in the fiber and textile industries. His career experience includes 8 years research and process development at a major synthetic fiber producer followed by 36 years at Goulston Technologies Inc., a global leader in fiber lubricant technology.  As Technical VP and subsequently President he played a significant part in Goulston’s exponential growth. His background includes R&D and company management, project management, product development, technical sales/service and innovation support.   He is currently on the Board of Directors of one of the major North American synthetic fiber organizations and has extensive connections within both the US and global fiber industry

Managing Director
Dr. Thomas Theyson
Technical Director

Dr. Theyson is a recognized authority on fiber and fabric surface characteristics and surface modification of fibers and fabrics.  He has extensive experience in the design of friction testing equipment and in the development of specific test protocols directed at mimicking specific fiber processes or end use applications.  Dr. Theyson is currently Director of Research for TensTech Inc. and serves as adjunct professor at NC State University’s College of Textiles with full access to their extensive fiber, textile and nonwoven test capabilities.

John Wilson

Mr. Wilson has devoted his entire career to technical textiles; having worked in manufacturing, quality control, technical service, market development, sales and research. He is very familiar fiber and fabric production processes; ranging from polymer development and properties to extrusion processes to fiber to fabric manufacturing to downstream fabric manufacturing 

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